South Carolina, USA
Augusta, Aiken, Columbia, Lexington, Fort Mill

Expectations for Lessons & Team

Before Class:

Please be sure to arrive to class at least 5 minutes early.  Twirlers should stretch before class, unless they are new to twirling, in which case we will show them how to stretch in the first few classes and then they will be expected to do so on their own before class starts.  We have a short time and we want to use it wisely.  

Class Attire:
Twirlers should wear form fitting clothes that they can move in.

 If they have twirling shoes they should wear those for class.  Many twirlers have not been measured for twirling shoes and batons yet.  If you do not have twirling shoes please wear sneakers until the twirling shoes come in.  For our smaller twirlers that wear shoes smaller than a child's/toddler size 11, they may wear tan jazz shoes until they will fit into twirling shoes.  Discount Dance carries a jazz shoe called "Girls Neoprene Arch Slip-On Jazz Boot" that goes as small as a toddler size 7. It can be found at this web address: http://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_T7802C.html  We will measure everyone else who needs shoes during class using the shoes we have available to try on.  Twirlers need to wear their hair up in a ponytail or bun for class.  If their hair is very long, please have it in a bun to keep it out of the way of their learning and twirling.  


If you have a baton, please bring that with you, even if it is too short and you are planning on getting a new one.  You can use the baton that is short while we wait for your new one to come in.  I have a limited stock of new batons that you may purchase when you come for class.  

During Class:
Twirlers are expected to come to class ready to learn.  We want twirling to be a fun experience, but we also want it to be a safe one and it is important that our twirlers are quiet and listening to instructions.  We only ask our twirlers to try their best and not give up.  

Parents should not interrupt class to ask the instructor questions.  This is a learning time for the twirler and it is very hard to stay on task if we are disrupted during class.  You may speak to one of the teaching assistants, if they are there or wait until class is over.  Time between classes is extremely brief, so if you have something in-depth to discuss it is best to call, text or e-mail me during a time that we are not in class.  

Paying the Day of Class:
If you will be paying in cash or by check, you will be giving your money to one of my assistants or a parent who has volunteered to help me during class times.  Please use a sticky note that I will have available to write down the twirlers name and what you are paying for. I will have receipts for you by the next weeks class, unless the assistants or the parent volunteer is there to write one out immediately.  I may also have a few moments before or after class to take money directly, but it will be brief.  If you can have the money in an envelope with the twirlers name and what you are paying for already when you bring it in, that will help the process move that much quicker.